"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"
[original edition]
collectors appendix


France 7" [Virgin 90299]
There are two different editions of this item unique to France. Both have the same artwork on the front, but differ by the text layout on the back (view left). The sleeve in both cases is as thick as UK 7" sleeves. The record inside is the same for both editions. It has silver injection-moulded retro-looking labels with many logos on them.

  • original edition
    The back of the original edition is assumed to be the one labeled 'version 1' in the menu on the left of this page because the promos were made from this version. The two titles appear inside the black section on the left, the catalogue number and price code in the top right corner, and the Virgin logo in the bottom right corner. The back also features a Rough Trade logo absent from the other version.
  • later edition
    The back was, for some unknown reason, redesigned for (what is assumed to be) later editions. The barcode, catalogue number and Virgin logo were all moved to the top left corner. The a-side title was dropped, and "c/w Half A Person" was moved over the kid photo. The Rough Trade logo was dropped. The sleeve was printed by Montreuil Offset (as credited in small in the bottom right corner), while no printer information is found on the sleeve for the first edition.

The 7" ranked at position #12 in the 1992 list of the Smiths Top 100 collectable records.
It fell to position #14 in the revised Top 100 of 2005.
Neither of the above Top 100s mentioned the existence of variations, or even a promo.


France 7" promo [Virgin 90299]
Copies of the original edition described above were made into promos by being stamped with a promo warning in the top left corner of the sleeve. The stamp states "Disque gratuit interdit a la vente", the words forming an embossed circle.


USA 12" promo [Sire PRO-A-2571]
This item is a promo for the "The Queen Is Dead" album. See the album's collectors appendix for details.