"Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"
collectors appendix


Germany 7" [Teldec/Zensor 6.14656AC]
The front artwork for the 7" format differs slightly to that of the 12" (view left). Not only is the image cropping slightly different, but the 7" advertises the existence of a 12" edition whereas on the latter is found a "Maxi 45 RPM" logo. The sleeve is made of thin paper. Unlike the 12", the 7" is only offered on black vinyl. The labels are deep red with black text.

Germany 12" [Teldec/Zensor 6.20628 / 16.20504]
There are three different versions of the German 12". All have the same front artwork (view left). None has any inner sleeve unless someone has found an orphan one small enough to fit the slightly smaller type of sleeve this single was released in. The three editions differ by the catalogue number, the mention of one or two b-sides on the back of the sleeve, the colour of the vinyl, and the colour of the labels.

  • orange vinyl, red labels edition, numbered 6.20648
    This version was pressed on orange vinyl, with red labels. The back of the sleeve only mentions b-side "The Draize Train" although "Frankly Mr Shankly" also appears on the record.
  • black vinyl, red labels edition, numbered 6.20628
    This edition may have been produced after the orange vinyl one because the back of the sleeve was corrected to mention both b-sides. There is no other difference between them besides this correction and the colour of the vinyl.
  • orange vinyl, blue labels edition, numbered 16.20504
    The back of the sleeve mentions the two b-sides but the barcode was removed, leaving a white rectangular box, and leading collectors to speculate that it may have served promotional purposes. This edition may have been produced at the same time as the German "Panic" and "Ask" 12" editions that have catalogue numbers starting in "16." because the three have consecutive catalogue numbers. If this theory is accurate, it means that this version came out later in 1986 than the two versions above.


Germany 7" promo [Teldec/Zensor 6.14656AC]
This single was only promoted via the 7" format, but two different versions have been reported.

  • Some stock copies were sent to media and/or retail with a Teldec "Info Product-Facts" press sheet. This sheet is just wide enough to fit the sleeve without being folded, and high enough to slightly stick out of it. It is mostly black and white except for a blue stripe at the top and the blue catalogue number beneath "Product Facts". It features at the top the track listing, running times, songwriters and publishing information. The bottom half if filled with release information in paragraph form.
  • More interestingly to collectors, a special sleeve was designed for a certain number of promo copies. The front is identical to that of the stock 7", but on the back is printed the press sheet described above. The record inside is identical.


Germany 7" test pressing [Teldec/Zensor 6.14656AC]
A test pressing of the 7" format has made it into the hands of some collectors. It features white labels with text printed onto them. More information needed.