Various artists compilations
(with unique tracks only)
collectors appendix


Video Bongo [NME video: V002]
This various artists video compilation made available by mail order only from the NME in September 1984 features a television performance of "This Charming Man". Fans ordering the video were given the choice between the two popular formats at the time: VHS and Betamax. The full page ad shows a photo of the Smiths and one of David Bowie (because a 15-minute film of Bowie from the 1960s is also featured on the video). The video retailed for 15.95.

  • VHS edition
    The VHS format came in a hard black videocase with front colour insert slipped under a clear plastic protector (view front artwork). The spine is yellow with brown text and Video Bongo graphics. The back is brown and shows what appears to be a content listing beneath a white and brown drawing in the style/theme of the front artwork. The videocassette has a pinkish red label with white Video Bongo graphics, credits and Maxell logo. The flap protecting the tape is tan brown instead of black.
  • Betamax edition
    The packaging of the Betamax edition is expected to be similar or identical to that of the VHS format. Confirmation needed.


Department Of Enjoyment [UK NME, CS: NME011]
This various artists compilation cassette made available by mail-order only from the NME in 1985 includes a live version of "Girl Afraid" from Glasgow 1984. It comes in a regular cassette case with black plastic back (view front artwork). The mock-Russian Constructivist background image spills over the spine and back on the left and insert panel on the right. The spine has the NME logo in black at the top with the compilation's title in gold taking all the remaining space. The back has a black paragraph 'ordering' buyers to enjoy the music featured on the tape. The extra panel is mostly empty (bar the background image). The only text is found at the very edge of it: "NME Every Thursday 40p / No one else worth listening to". The reverse of the insert is black and white and filled with track listing, credits, dedication and legal notes. The cassette is made of black plastic. Its red labels show an NME logo, the compilation title, the track listing (bands only, no song titles), the catalogue number, etc, all in white.


NME Poll Winners [UK NME, 7": GIV1]
This 7" EP given away with a 1985 issue of the NME features a live recording of "What She Said" from Oxford 1985 (view). Its labels are white with black text. The track listing and credits are printed in the right half, and a pale blue NME logo with "33 1/3" over it appears in the left half. The record usually comes in a plain white record bag die-cut to show the labels. Copies in black and white picture bags have been reported, but these were likely fanmade because they are always one-of-a-kind.

The 25 May 1985 issue of the NME with which the record came is also being collected (view front page).


NME Poll Winners test pressing [UK NME, 7": GIV1]
A surprising number of test pressings of the above record have been spotted for sale here and there over the years, enough for some people to speculate that some of these may have actually served as promos (but none of this is confirmed). Most copies have white labels and come in the same white die-cut record bag as the regular 7"s. Some have a printed track listing sticker on one of the labels or on the bag. A smaller number of copies have been spotted with yellow/green labels. If the hypothesis that the 'white labels' are actually promos is true, then it may be that these yellow/green label copies are the true test pressings.


UK Buzz #004 [USA Thirsty Ear, LP: UKB-4]
This is a radio programme LP which means that it is also mentioned in the section dealing with records produced for radio broadcast, but because it features a unique 5:30 mix of "How Soon Is Now?", it also belongs in this section. Like other volumes in the short-lived UK Buzz series, the record comes in a white card sleeve die-cut to show the labels. These are light blue with dark blue text (view label). An old-fashioned Thirsty Ear Communications logo appears at the top, above the number of the show, a promo warning and credits. The track listing is found in the lower half. The record comes with two inserts: a 1-page contact sheet giving the contact information of the labels involved with the featured artists, and a 3-page feedback report which the broadcasters were asked to fill. Most of them did fill them or threw them out because nowadays few copies of UK Buzz #004 still include either insert.


Rough Trade Compilation [Canada Rough Trade, LP: RTS1986]
This sampler of Rough Trade artists features an otherwise unavailable live version of "Miserable Lie" taken from Oxford Apollo 1985. The artwork for the Canadian edition was adapted from a similar "Rough Trade Deutschland Compilation" album released in 1983 which did not feature any Smiths material (view front artwork; back artwork). The record is slipped inside a plain white paper inner sleeve. The labels are white with black text: a 'circle' Rough Trade logo at the top, the album title, then the track listing with copyright credits.

Rough Trade Compilation [Canada Rough Trade, CS: RTSC1986]
The front of the cassette format shows the LP artwork at the top with the leftover space at the bottom left black, with title in white and white Rough Trade and Super Cassette logos (view front). The spine and back are also black with white text and logos. The back is full with two holes for the case's plastic prongs to go through. The album's track listing is printed above those holes, and credits beneath them. Information about the rest of the insert and the cassette is needed.

A Rough Trade Compilation [Holland Rough Trade, LP: MD7982]
The Dutch edition of the album has a slightly different title and a different track listing to the Canadian edition, but still features the same live version of "Miserable Lie" from Oxford 1985. The artwork is also completely different to that of the Canadian edition (view front artwork). Some copies have a rectangular white 'Midprice' sticker on the front advertising the album's content "incl. previously unreleased Smiths track!" The back is mostly white with the word "Compilation" at the top in black inside a yellow stripe. The track listing is printed beneath that in pink for side A and blue for side B (view back artwork). The record is slipped inside a plain white paper inner sleeve. The labels are in the classic grey Megadisc style with serrated graphics around the edges. "A Rough Trade Compilation" appears at the top, above the track listing which takes up the remainder of the upper half space. "Megadisc" is printed across the middle. Beneath that is found the rest of the track listing, Rough Trade/Megadisc credits, the word "Various", a copyright notice and finally the catalogue number.


Rough Trade Compilation [Canada Rough Trade, LP: RTS1986]
Sleeves of the Canadian LP listed above were stamped with a promo warning in gold before being sent to media for promotional purposes.


Not Television [UK Rough Trade video: RTV2]
This is a 1986 compilation of classic videos by artists on the Rough Trade label, all introduced by Ivor Cutler. The Smiths are featured with "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side", which has yet to be compiled. The videocassette comes in a hardshell video case with insert inside the display window. The insert features the following front artwork. The spine and back are also black with white text and the two blue stripes across them (they continue from the front over the spine and back). The spine shows at its top the Not Television screen image from the front artwork, and at its bottom a Rough Trade Video logo and the catalogue number. The back features the track listing with credits. Information on the videocassette itself is needed.


Animal Liberation [UK Waxtrax, LP: WAXUK25]
The UK edition of this benefit compilation is the only one to feature the live version of "Meat Is Murder" from Oxford Apollo 1985. For legal reasons, the song was removed from the track listing of the American and Canadian editions. The artwork in and out shows various animals being mistreated by humans. The front shows a monkey in some sort of laboratory contraption (view front artwork). Most copies have a yellow and black round sticker on the front advertising the album's content and stating that all royalties are to be donated to PETA. The back of the sleeve shows an image of chickens in cages (view back artwork). The album's track listing is printed in the top half in red and white. PETA contact information is found beneath that. Wax Trax copyright and address are found at the very bottom inside the image's thick red border. The record comes in a white inner sleeve die-cut to show the labels which are red and white and feature the track listing between a Wax Trax logo and the picture of someone in a guerrila-style head scarf holding a dog. "Animal Liberation" is printed at the top in black, and "PETA" in white inside the labels' red border. Three inserts are found inside if they haven't been lost or discarded. One is 12" by 24" and folded in two. One side shows a bleeding beagle in a lab cage, with PETA text explaining what takes place in US science laboratories. The other side is red, black and white and features the lyrics and photos of the artists on the album, interspersed with slogans and facts about animal cruelty. The second insert is a membership/subscription form for BUAV, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. One side gives facts about animal testing alongside photos of lab rats and rabbits. The third insert is a postcard-size invitation to the album's UK lauch party. The picture side is blue with a duotone/white reproduction of the monkey from the album's front artwork. An "Animal Liberation" stamp-like graphic appears at the top and a Limelight logo at the bottom, both orange. The back gives the details of the party: location, date, performers, etc.


Rarities volume 2 [USA Rarities, promo cd: CDPRO-1002]
The Smiths track on this compilation is only included on the promo, as the song was removed from the retail edition (view front artwork and back artwork). The packaging is a regular jewel case with clear tray. The booklet is actually a simple folded insert. Its back lists various clubs around the USA where the cd can be purchased, as well as various credits. A track listing with sources is given inside over a pale reproduction of the front artwork. The Smiths track is credited as having been taken from an "unreleased promotional only radio show #85-21 recorded 06.27.85 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles USA, courtesy Westwood One" (this show was never broadcast). The disc is all blue with only a big '2' at the 5 o'clock position on it.