"Something Is Squeezing My Skull"
27 April 2009


Something Is Squeezing My Skull
This Charming Man (live BBC Radio Theatre Feb 2009)

EU CD5 #1 [Polydor/Decca 4781875]


Something Is Squeezing My Skull
Best Friend On The Payroll (live BBC Radio Theatre Feb 2009)

EU CD5 #2 [Polydor/Decca 4781876]


Something Is Squeezing My Skull
I Keep Mine Hidden (live BBC Radio Theatre Feb 2009)

EU 7" [Polydor/Decca 4781877]


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Artwork information:
Front artwork shows Morrissey shot next to Johnny Ramone's statue at the Hollywood Forever cemetary, photo by Michael Muller. All three formats have inner sleeves featuring on one side photos by Travis Shinn of Morrissey getting a beating by the band and enjoying it, and on the other side a painting. These are "The Bowery At Night" by William Louis Sonntag Jr (cd-single #1 and 7" single) and "Camden Town Engine House" by John Cooke Bourne (cd-single #2). The paintings are connected to the front artwork: the Bowery at night is a nod to CBGBs where the Ramones played their early shows and the Camden Town engine house eventually became the Roundhouse - where the Ramones first played the UK in 1976. Links to view all artwork at the left of this page.


Additional release date information:
UK: 27 April 2009


Chart peak information:
UK: 46


UK: The artwork of the one-track promo cd of the title track (Polydor MORRISSEYCD4) is the same as that of cd-single #1 (view in left frame), but the title is in yellowish beige instead of white. Copies of the latter cd or perhaps the stock edition with a white information sticker on the back of the case also served promotional purposes.

Denmark: A one-track promo cd, slipped inside a generic Universal card sleeve with promo text. Some copies have a Universal logo on the cd, others just have a plain white label.

Germany or Switzerland: The existence of one-track promo cd-r [Universal] of the title track slipped inside a clear plastic sleeve has been reported. Despite featuring a typo and the Morrissey-solo website address, this may be a legitimate promo. It has been spotted in Switzerland, but the credits are in English.