"Reel Around The Fountain"
collectors appendix


UK 7" - test pressing [Rough Trade RT136]
Yellow-green label, usually slipped in a generic white or black die-cut record bag. Estimated 20-50 pressed. Fakes have been reported: true copies are recognizable by their anti-slip serrations.
RT 136 A-1U-1-1-1 / RT 136 B-1U-1-1-1; etched 'SLAP ME ON THE PATIO' on side B.

Copies have been sold to collectors with a photocopy of an intended advert or poster showing actor Jean Marais from what would become the artwork to the "This Charming Man" single. Above the image the name of the band is printed in a Far West-type of font, above "Reel Around The Fountain b/w Jeane" in a tall lean font.

UK Master Room acetate
White 'MASTER ROOM' label, with title, 'The Smiths' and '5.56' handwritten on it. B-side has "Jeane".