"Let Me Kiss You"
11 October 2004


Let Me Kiss You
Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

Europe 7" [Attack/Sanctuary ATKSE008]
Europe cd5#1 [Attack/Sanctuary ATKXS008]


Let Me Kiss You
Friday Mourning
I Am Two People

Europe cd5#2 [Attack/Sanctuary ATKXD008]


Additional information:
Nancy Sinatra released her version of "Let Me Kiss You" as a single in the UK on the same day Morrissey did. Her version was also released on Morrissey's label Attack and featured the man on back vocals.

The clear vinyl 7" edition is a bootleg produced a few years after this single came out.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Hamish Brown.


Additional release date information:
UK and Europe: 11 October 2004


Chart peak information:
UK: 8
Sweden: 19


UK/Europe: Four different promos were produced for this single. The artwork for the first one was the same as that of the stock single, but inside a thick white border. This one featured the title track backed by "Friday Mourning" and "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice". For two other ones, a closeup of the glittery backdrop from the originally planned artwork was used. One of them had pink text on the cover and the cd featured "Friday Mourning" as the only extra track. The other one had yellow text on the cover and was backed by "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice". All of the above are numbered ATKPX008, but the latter one with yellow title has the stock cd-single catalogue number ATKXS008 on the cd itself. Also, some copies of the promo with yellow letters on the front have a white 'facts' sticker on the back mentioning the "You Are The Quarry" going platinum and announcing upcoming tour dates. Finally the other promo (scan needed) was produced in very limited numbers. It features the four songs appearing on the different formats listed above, and is numbered ATKPX008X. The cd has a white label with text, and the insert shows a closeup of the wooden wall behind Morrissey, with credits and a small image of the artwork from the "You Are The Quarry" album.