"Hand In Glove" by Sandie Shaw
collectors appendix


UK 7" [Rough Trade RT130]
Rigid sleeve. Grey label with red text. Different editions of the record have been reported. Here are the three known versions of this format:

  • push-out centre
    Initial pressing of the 7" has a push-out centre, as requested by Morrissey.
    RT 130 A-1U-1-2-1 / RT 130 B-1U-1-2-0
    RT 130 A-1U-1-2-1 / RT 130 B-1U-1-1-10*
    RT 130 A-1U-1-2-2 / RT 130 B-1U-1-1-X1

  • solid centre
    Later pressings, or perhaps pressings for a foreign market such as Ireland, have a solid centre.

  • push-out centre, 6.5" record
    This is identical to the first version above, but the record somehow happens to be slightly smaller than it should be. What's the story?

*Note: Some copies of the original push-out centre 7" show the catalogue number at the top middle on the back of the sleeve.

UK 12" [Rough Trade RTT130]
The 12" features alternate artwork to the 7" format (view left). The label is grey with red text and bears the rubber-stamp Rough Trade logo. The record is slipped inside a white paper inner sleeve.
RTT 130 A1 / RTT 130 B1

UK sheet music [Warner Bros Music Ltd and IMP 20271]
Oddly, the earliest sheet music for the Smiths is the collaboration they did with Sandie Shaw. It includes tabs to the three songs released on the single, and features its own variation on the single's artwork. View here.

UK postcard
Early copies of the 7" came with a postcard of Sandie Shaw. In some copies the postcard shows Sandie with her hands joined in front of her face. In other copies it shows Sandie reclining next to Morrissey.


UK 7" - jukebox issue [Rough Trade RT130]
The text layout on the label of the jukebox 7" is the same as that of the stock version described above, but the record has a large opening in the centre. It doesn't usually come with a picture sleeve unless someone found an orphan sleeve for it.
RT 130 A-1U-1-1-3 / RT 130 B-1U-1-1-1

UK 7" promo [Rough Trade RT130]
The most common promo for this single is the yellow-beige 'white label' 7" with push-out centre (copies with a solid centre are test pressings, see below). Some copies have titles handwritten on the labels, others are stamped 'A' and 'AA' in circles on a- and b-side respectively, and others have nothing written or stamped on them. Some copies are slipped inside a stock picture sleeve, while others are in a black sleeve with black and white photocopies of the labels on respective sides and a gold Scott Piering contact information sticker on the side featuring the photocopy of the a-side label. These promos were dispatched with a press release, but in some cases it was lost or separated from the record, so one may be seen for sale without the other. This press release featuring only text beneath a Rough Trade logo inside a circle is different from the press release that came with the promo 7" described below.
RT 130 A-1U-1-1-1 / RT 130 B-1U-1-1-1

UK 7" promo [Rough Trade RT130]
Stock copies of the 7" single were also made into promos, perhaps for a different promotional purpose. These have a gold Scott Piering contact sticker on the sleeve, and white and red 'AA' stickers over 'B SIDE' on the label and next to "I Don't Owe You Anything on the back of the sleeve. They were also mailed out with a press release, but different to the one described above. This one shows Sandie Shaw with the 3 Smiths musicians, and advertises the single as a double a-side (hence the 'AA' stickers). "I Don't Owe You Anything" is actually mentioned above "Hand In Glove" on it, which is not that surprising considering that that song was the initial choice of a-side before it was changed at the last minute for "Hand In Glove".

UK 12" promo [Rough Trade RTT130]
The 12" promo parallels the second 7" promo above. It is a stock 12" with a gold Scott Piering contact sticker on the sleeve, and red 'AA' round stickers over 'B SIDE' on the label and over 'B' on the back of the sleeve. The record is slipped inside the same white inner sleeve as the stock copies.
RTT 130 A1 / RTT 130 B1

An interesting item which should be mentioned here, even though it is outside of the scope of this work, is Sandie's "Hand In Glove" 12" pressed in 1988 to promote her "Hello Angel" album. This promo 12" is unlike any produced for the Smiths. It has a purple picture label showing an angel on one side and Sandie on the other, and comes in a custom Rough Trade Records promo sleeve. The version of the song featured on the 12" is of course the Stephen Street remix which appears on the album being promoted.

UK promo photos
Some of the above promos (which?) were also paired with one or two promotional black and white Rough Trade press photos of Sandie with members of the Smiths. All photos were taken by Peter Ashworth. One shows Sandie and the three Smiths musicians reclining on their sides (view here). Another one shows Sandie with Morrissey and Johnny (view here). A third one is similar to the second, but Johnny is not in the picture and Morrissey is looking at the camera (view here).

UK 30cm x 60cm promo poster (12" x 24")
View here. Some copies, possibly meant for non-UK territories, have the bottom section with the line "Distributed By The Cartel" cut out.


UK 7" test pressing - white labels [Rough Trade RT130]
The existence of two different test pressings for the 7" format has been reported. One variation bears plain white labels over a solid centre. These labels usually have the title and catalog number handwritten on them. The other variation has beige 'white labels' with solid centre (see next). The records with beige labels and a push-out centre served as promos and are described higher up on this page.
RT 130 A-1U-1-1-1 / RT 130 B-1U-1-1-1

UK 7" test pressing - beige labels [Rough Trade RT130]
These alternate test pressings were allegedly manufactured at the Mayking pressing plant. However, unlike later Smiths singles, they bear plain beige labels with the catalogue number added unto them in blue pen, instead of printed 'Mayking' labels. Test pressings with white labels and a solid centre are described above. The records with beige labels and a push-out centre served as promos and are described higher up on this page.

UK 12" test pressing [Rough Trade RTT130]
UK 12" white label test pressings of singles released by the Smiths in 1983-1984 are quite rare as they were never used for promotion. They are from the initial pressing of the 12" format, and their labels are simply white paper ones, with perhaps title and band name handwritten on them. About a handful or two are expected to have made it into the hands of the band members, label employees and entourage, and from there perhaps into the collections of a few lucky fans.

UK 7" acetate
Acetate of a-side and b-side. Info needed.

UK 12" acetate
Acetate of a-side and b-side. Info needed.


Australia 7" [CBS RTANZ006]
Australia is one of the few countries that followed in the steps of Rough Trade UK and released Sandie's collaboration with the Smiths. However, the single was pressed there in small numbers, and on 7" format only. The sleeve is very similar to the UK one, but it is made of paper instead of thick card. The back shows an additional Rough Trade logo at the top and additional Australian credits at the bottom. Information about the record itself (label, etc) is needed.


Australia 7" promo [CBS RTANZ006]
The promo 7" features black and white man-silhouette labels with promo warning like all Australian Smiths promo 7"s of that era. The sleeve is the same as the stock 7" sleeve, so from the outside nothing marks this as a promo.


Canada 12" [WEA SRTT130]
This is one of the few instances where Sire in the USA passed on releasing a single but Sire Canada still went with it. The sleeve is almost identical to its British counterpart, but the back shows an additional small maple leaf in the top left corner and a Sire logo in the lower left corner. It credits parent label WEA although the labels on the record are the classic yellow Sire ones.


Canada 12" promo [WEA SRTT130]
As was custom in Canada, promotional copies are commercial ones stamped with English and French promo warnings in gold ink on the back of the sleeve.


Denmark promo 7" [Rough Trade RT130]
This single was promoted in Denmark with copies of the UK 7" with Danish promo sticker on the back and orange press release in Danish.


France 12" [Virgin 80098]
Virgin France followed Rough Trade UK and released this single on 12" format. Very few people have managed to get their hands on this item, so it must have been produced in very small numbers. The sleeve is a close variation to the UK one, with just a few local corrections made to the credits and catalogue number. The record is slipped inside a plain white inner sleeve. The labels are the classic Virgin ones, green on side A and red on the other.


Germany 7" [Intercord INT110.165]
The German 7" features the generic blue Intercord label. Its sleeve is similar to the British one, but it is made of thin paper instead of thick card. The back of it shows the same text layout, plus a few additional logos and catalogue number.

Germany 7" [Rough Trade RT130]
UK stock copies have been spotted with 'LC 5661' stickers on both labels. LC5661 is the label code for Rough Trade Deutschland, so presumably these were exported to Germany, perhaps before the Intercord 7" was pressed, or much later after it had sold out.

Germany 12" [RT Deutschland RTD014T (black vinyl)]
As for many singles by the Smiths, the German buyers were given the choice between a very flashy coloured vinyl edition (described next), or a more sober but luxuriously designed black vinyl edition. In this particular case, the latter variation was produced by Rough Trade Deutschland. The record features rich silver labels with black text organised in the classic Rough Trade layout. The sleeve is the expected variation on the British 12" sleeve. The inner sleeve is made of white paper. This black vinyl edition is much rarer than the coloured vinyl edition described next.

Germany 12" [Intercord INT125.217 (red-white-blue splatter vinyl)]
Intercord released their version of the 12" on multi-coloured candy-like vinyl. The record features the generic blue Intercord labels and is slipped inside a plain anti-static plastic inner sleeve. The outer sleeve is also a variation on the British one, with only minor local credit corrections on the back. To entice potential buyers, the front of the sleeve also shows an image of what the vinyl looks like, with the words "Platte in mehr-farbigem Vinyl" (view left). Although it is not as rare as its black vinyl counterpart (described above), this seems to be rarer than all other German coloured vinyl 12" singles for the Smiths.


Germany 7" promo + info sheet [Intercord INT110.165]
Promos for this single were stock copies dispatched to media with a yellow and white 1-sided INFO sheet. The track listing, running times and catalogue number are given in the yellow border at the top of this press sheet, the date "05/84" at the bottom of the release information in paragraph form and the Intercord logo and contact information in the yellow border at the bottom.


Holland 7" [Ariola/Megadisc RT130/VR10817]
This item looks very much like it's British counterpart, and it may even sometimes be mistaken for it. The colours of the sleeve and label are darker than those of the UK 7". The record differs by having a large hole in the centre, instead of the UK's push-out centre or solid centre. The label features the same text layout, plus the additional number VR10817 and states both "Made In England" and "Made in Holland".

Holland 12" [Ariola/Megadisc RTT130/08-22927]
Just like the 7", the 12" format is a quasi perfect replica of its British counterpart, in colour and text layout. In this case the additional number found on the label is 08-22927. The inner sleeve is a white paper one.


Japan 12" [Tokuma Japan 15RTL-5]
This being primarily a Sandie Shaw single, Tokuma Japan could have passed on releasing it, but they didn't. The record is packaged very much like the UK 12". The front of the sleeve adds the catalogue number in small characters in the top right corner. The back layout is almost the same but the catalogue number was corrected and the credits were slightly moved around. The label is grey with red text organised in the classic Rough Trade UK layout. The obi is red with white text. Its back space is used to advertise the Japanese Smiths catalogue at that point in time: the "This Charming Man" and "What Difference Does It Make?" 12"s and the self-titled debut album. The record is slipped inside a round-bottom clear plastic inner sleeve. A one-sided paper insert is also included, featuring two photos of Sandie with the Smiths (the same ones sent in the UK as press photos, see above) and what looks like a Sandie Shaw bio.


Japan 12" promo [Tokuma Japan 15RTL-5]
The promotional version of the previous item is identical to the stock one, but with two exceptions: it has the usual 3-character promo mark above 'A SIDE' on the label, and a white 'SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE' sticker in the top right corner of the sleeve.


Spain 7" [Nuevos Medios 40094-S]
The Spanish 7" is unique because it was produced with the 12" format cover art. Nowhere else did this happen, at least for this particular single. This may have something to do with the fact that Nuevos Medios almost systematically released Smiths singles on 12" format, and rarely on 7". On both instances when they did release a 7" single (the other one being the "How Soon Is Now?" promo for "Hatful Of Hollow"), the 12" artwork was used.

What's first noticed about this single is its sleeve. It is not the rigid UK sleeve, nor the thin paper ones from other countries. It is made of thick paper with a canvas-like texture. Its back layout is the expected variation on the UK 7" back: the UK catalogue number was erased and the Spanish one added to the top right corner. Additional Nuevos Medios logo and credits are found at the bottom. The colour there may be slightly closer to brownish-grey. The label is grey and red as in the UK, and the text follows the same layout. The major difference with the UK is the centre hole, a large one instead of the UK's push-out or solid centres. Another difference is the correction of the catalog number and the addition of a Nuevos Medios logo. Finally, the record has the same matrix text as the UK 7" single, so Nuevos Medios must have imported British 7"s from Rough Trade and labelled them with their own labels.


Spain 7" promo [Nuevos Medios 40094-S]
Promos are very rarely found for Smiths singles. This one is a stock copy with a date stamp on the back and a press release slipped inside.