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"Family Line"
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France CD [EMI France SPCD1740]
This EP has become highly collectible because it was difficult to obtain (only by subscription to French magazine Les Inrockuptibles) and because it was pressed in relatively small numbers. View front and back of the custom card sleeve artwork from the menu on the left. The only text on the back is "Interdit à la vente SPCD 1740", printed in black at the very bottom. The disc is maroon with mostly peach/beige text. Morrissey's name appears at the top, above "Family line" in silver (uncoloured). The track listing is printed in the bottom half with logos for EMI France, Compact Disc and SACEM to its left and EMI France credits, catalogue number and promo warning beneath. There is also an English warning printed in silver (uncoloured) around the bottom edge.