"Dagenham Dave"
collectors appendix


UK 7" [RCA 29980 7]
Front | Back | A side label | B side label
The UK 7" comes in a glossy card sleeve opening from the side and indented on the back for easier access to the record (view front and back artwork from the menu above). The record has a solid centre and vintage burnt orange RCA labels with black text and white logos.
7432129980 7 A1 / 7432129980-7 B1-

UK CD5 [RCA 29980 2]
Front | Back | Disc
The CD-single comes in a thin jewel case. The front artwork is the same as that of the 7" format, but the relative position of the text and the relative size of the logo vary slightly (view above). The insert's reverse was adapted from the back of the 7", but there is no barcode, catalogue number or label code on this surface, and the track listing obviously includes the second B-side (view above).

Completist collectors will be interested to know that there are actually two very slightly different versions of the CD to be collected, as Morrissey's name is misprinted as "Morrjssey" in the songwriting credits on some copies of the disc. These don't seem to pre-date the corrected versions of the disc though, as both could be purchased from day one.

UK CSS [RCA 29980 4]
Front | Insert reverse | Spine & flap | Tape side 1 | Tape side 2
The front of the cassette insert shows the same front artwork as the other two formats, minus the superfluous white space to the left of the cover star, and with the text and logo varying very slightly in size and position (view above). The insert has one extra fold-out panel and features the same content as the back of the 7" sleeve. The reverse of the insert is blank except for a minuscule logo and legal warning from BMG at the centre of the fold-out panel. The cassette case has a black plastic back segment.


UK 7" [RCA 29980 7]
This item is identical to the stock 7" described above, but at the centre has a large hole for jukebox play. The record does not come in a picture sleeve unless it was paired with one a posteriori

UK CD5 promo [RCA 29980 2]
The release of this single was partially promoted in the UK with the help of stock copies of the compact disc featuring a white square sticker on the front bearing contact information for plugger Nick Godwyn, and RCA's address beneath a modern RCA logo.

UK CD5 promo + press sheet [RCA 29980 2]
The release of this single was also promoted with the help of a copy of the disc distributed with a single-sided press sheet. The disc itself is a stock copy mailed out in the same slimline jewel case as retail copies, but without the insert. The press release has release identification at the top, an announcement for the "21st August" release date, two paragraphs of text, a list of personnel, and an orange RCA Victor logo at the very bottom, above the contact information for RCA Records and two of its pluggers.

UK promo video [Vanderquest GB 110-95-0030-0]
View label
A 1-track videocassette featuring the video for this single's title track was sent out to the relevant media. The videocassette features a generic beige Vanderquest label on the spine bearing Morrissey's name, the track title and other details (see above), and is housed in a plain white card slipcase with an RCA logo sticker affixed to the front.

UK various artists promo video [BMG]
The video for "Dagenham Dave" was also included on a 26-track in-store video compilation from BMG, dated September 1995. The videocassette's front (spine) sticker label states "BMG Records" in a large font above "Instore Video Compilation" and "26 Tracks - September '95". It is not known whether it has a top sticker label as well (information needed). It comes in a black card slipcase with a track listing bill glued on to one of its sides.

UK promo poster subway size 152cm x 102cm (60" x 40")
View here.

UK promo poster 71cm x 48cm (28" x 19")
View here. Unlike its subway size counterpart shown above, this promo poster advertises the correct release date for the single ("21 August").

UK advert 41cm x 30cm (16" x 12")
View here.

UK promo flat
Flats were sent to retail at the time of release of this single. Like most other flats, they are made of card and are the size of a vinyl LP sleeve. These are presumed to be single-sided. View here (better image needed).

UK counter display
This countertop display box could fit 15 cd-singles and sit on the record shop counter on the week of release for better visibility. It is made of folded white cardboard, with the silhouette of cover star Terry Venables coming out the back. On the front of the box are printed in black Morrissey's name, the track listing, available formats, as well as yellow logos for RCA and BMG.

UK promo postcard
Front | Back
Oversized postcards were produced by RCA to promote the single prior to its release, featuring a cropped version of the cover artwork on the front, and printed information on the back, correctly stating the release date as 21st August. The postcard measures 21.5cm x 14.8cm (8.5 x 5.8).

UK various artists covermount cassette [Raw Magazine]
The release of this single was somewhat promoted with the inclusion of its B-side "Nobody Loves Us" on "For Immediate Use", a covermount 10-track cassette given away with a late 1995 issue of Raw Magazine. The front of the insert shows a JVC television set showing the word "RAW" in red over static, with the title in black and "10 rare tracks you've got to have" in red at the top and a list of the 10 featured artists at the bottom (Morrissey is top of the list!). The cassette is made of clear plastic with pale grey text printed directly onto it. Additional information is welcome.


UK 7" test pressing [RCA]
The test pressing bears grey and white dappled labels with black printed text: RCA logo on the left, promo warning on the right, manufacturing information around the top edge and reproduction warning around the bottom edge. Side A has a big 'A' at the bottom and side B shows a white RCA logo. The record comes in a white generic die-cut bag.
7432129980 7 A1 / 7432129980-7 B1-

UK reference cassette [RCA]
A 3-track reference cassette featuring this single's music has been spotted on the collectors' market. The front of the white insert shows the single's track listing (including running times) printed over a pale grey modern RCA logo, with Morrissey's name at the top. Information on the rest of the packaging is needed.


Argentina various artists promo CD (BMG PCD147)
"Dagenham Dave" was included on a 10-track BMG Argentina various artists promo CD, alongside 9 other artists.


Australia CD5 [RCA 29980 2]
Front | Insert | Disc
The Australian CD-single's artwork is almost identical to its UK counterpart, except for a very slight variation in the relative position of the text and the relative size of the logo (see above). The insert's reverse is modified only to add a distribution credit for BMG Australia and a small BMG logo in the bottom-right corner. The most noticeable difference with its UK counterpart can be seen on the disc itself: the Australian CD is golden yellow instead of orange, and contains numerous small changes with regards to the content and format of the disc's text. Like the UK CD-single, it is housed in a slimline jewel case.

Australia CSS [BMG ??]
Like many Australian cassette singles of the era, this appears to have been released in a cardboard slipcase (Further images and information needed.)


Australia CD5 promo [RCA 29980 2]
The existence of stock copies with promo sticker have been reported. Additional information or image needed.


EEC CD5 [RCA 30414 2]
Front | Disc
The EEC CD-single's artwork is almost identical to its UK counterpart, except for a very slight variation in the relative position of the text and the relative size of the logo (see above). The insert's reverse is also identical except for slightly modified credits at the bottom. Like its UK counterpart, the EEC disc is orange, but for unknown reasons neglects to include a credit for assistant Tom Elmhirst.
(Image required of insert's reverse - supply yours?)


Germany CD5 promo [RCA 30414 2]
The Germany promo cd is a stock EEC cd-single with a white "Unverkäufliches Muster" sticker on the back of the case, often dispatched with a "Product Facts" press sheet. The latter sheet is roughly the size of the cd-single, it bears the single's track listing, logos for RCA and BMG and 3 paragraphs of text in German, amongst a few other things.


Holland various artists promo CD [S.L.A.M. PRO CD 001]
"Dagenham Dave" was included as a track on a various artists promotional CD issued by S.L.A.M., titled "Alle 18 Goed".

Holland various artists promo CD [S.L.A.M. PRO CD 002]
Front | Back | Disc
A various artists promotional CD issued by S.L.A.M., titled Kink-FM And Watt Present "Alle 17 Goed" included "Nobody loves us" as its second track.

Holland promo poster (60cm x 21cm)
View here.
Promotional posters, presumably intended for in-store use, were issued by RCA in Holland to promote this single and its parent album. They also advertise a free t-shirt bearing the "Southpaw Grammar" artwork to be given away with the purchase of the single. The posters have a single horizontal fold across the middle, as they were sent in A4 sized mailers (scan or flat image needed),


Japan CD5 [BMG Victor BVCP-8809]
Front | Back | OBI | Insert reverse | Booklet - page 1 | Disc
The Japanese CD comes in a standard jewel case with white tray and features the same front artwork as its UK counterpart. The obi is white and orange with black text. The 4-page booklet opens on a page featuring a bilingual track listing (view above), followed by two pages of lyrics in English, then two pages of lyrics in Japanese. The back of the insert is very similar to its UK counterpart, but does not include any production credits, legal warnings or track lengths.


Japan CD5 promo [BMG Victor BVCP-8809]
Promo versions of the Japanese CD are identical to stock copies except for a small white sticker with red text, found on the back of the jewel case, and the word 'SAMPLE' etched on the disc's inner ring.

Japan various artists promo CD
"Dagenham Dave" was included on a BMG radio promo CD titled "Power Hits Energy BMG Sampler 1995 volume 5". Catalogue number needed.

Japan various artists promo CD [BMG PDTD-1120]
"Dagenham Dave" was also included on an October 1995 BMG Victor sampler CD titled "Champion Carnival".