"The Complete Picture"
collectors appendix


UK/Europe VHS [Warner Music Vision 91155-3]
This item which is generally assumed to be a UK edition because of Warner Music UK credits on the back was actually also sold in other European countries such as Germany. It features on its front the sideways 'biker couple' artwork with the certification (the PG triangle) in the bottom right corner (view left). The case is made of transparent plastic. Just like the "Best...I" and "Best...II" compilations, the back shows a pink-tinted close-up of a detail from the front artwork, with track listing printed over in black. A black section at the bottom is filled with credits, certification, logos, barcode and legal warnings. The spine is black with white text, logos, certification, technical information (VHS, Hi-Fi, stereo, etc) and catalogue number. Because the case is transparent, ads for other artists' video compilations can be seen on the reverse of the glossy paper insert when the case is open. The videocassette has a glossy black label on its top side with band name, track listing, credits, catalogue number, logo and certification.


Germany/Europe DVD [Warner Music Vision 91155-2]
As stated in the credits on the back, the European dvd edition was "Made in Germany manufacturing Europe". There are two versions of it. The main difference between them is the plastic case (see below; confirmation is needed regarding the order of release - soft case before hard case). Both feature the same sideways 'biker couple' artwork on the front with certification (the PG triangle) in the bottom left corner and the dvd logo in the bottom right (view left). The back in both cases shows a pink-tinted close-up of a detail from the front artwork, with track listing printed over in black. A white section at the bottom is filled with technical info (regions, format, timing, etc), credits, certification, many logos, barcode and legal warnings. However the layout of the latter content differs between versions. The dvd in both cases is silver with black text printed onto it. It has "The Smiths" and "The Complete Picture" at the top, and legal notes and various logos at the bottom. The layout of those logos differs between versions.

  • soft case edition
    The original edition came in a soft case made of milky transparent plastic. The main differences in the back layout are the sideways barcode and the position of the Warner Music Vision and WEA logos on the left and the other logos in the middle. The back of the insert shows a pink tinted close-up of the biker couple's heads. This edition has a spine, showing the expected release information in white over black. The dvd logo on the dvd surface is found beneath the Warner Music Vision logo and the WEA logo is at the right if them. There is no certification logo on the dvd.
  • hard case edition
    Later pressings were distributed in a hard clear plastic case. The layout of the bottom content on the back was reorganised. The barcode was lowered and straightened and all logos were moved above it. There is no spine for this edition as the insert is actually a stapled booklet. Its back shows a pink tinted close-up of the biker woman and the background man behind her. Information on the booklet content is needed. The back of the dvd tray shows a black and white close-up of the biker man. The layout of the dvd surface was slightly changed. The dvd and WEA logos were moved to the right of the Warner Music Vision logo and a PG certification triangle was added to the right.


Australia VHS [Warner Australia 91155-3]
The front and spine of the Australian VHS edition were modelled on the front and spine of the UK/Europe VHS edition described above. The only difference is the 'PG' certification which was replaced with its Australian equivalent, a 'G' in a triangle above the line "For Parental Exhibition". Information on the rest of the packaging (back, inside, videocassette) is needed.

Australia DVD [Warner Australia 91155-2]
The Australian dvd edition comes in a hard clear plastic case. The front artwork is the same as in Europe, but the 'PG' certification triangle is hidden by a sticker over it. In some cases this sticker is a white rectangle containing the triangle 'G' certification and the line "For Parental Exhibition". In other cases its a white triangle "G" on a green background. The back is the same as that of the UK/Europe dvd, but it also has green sticker saying "General" with oflc.gov.au in small text on the side, stuck over the existing PG rating. Unlike the European edition, there is no stapled booklet inside. Instead, the inside is the same as the original softcover UK/EU version, a pink tinted close-up of the biker couple's heads. The DVD itself is like the European one: plain silver with the title across the top; credits and the DVD and WEA symbols at the bottom; the original PG rating symbol to the right.


Brazil VHS [WEA 10010-3]
Information needed.


Canada VHS [Warner/Reprise 3-38330]
The packaging of the Canadian VHS was modelled after its American counterpart. The only difference is the slightly different credits on the back (confirmation needed).


Germany VHS promo
Short excerpts of tracks found on "The Complete Picture" were included on a various artists video compilation titled "Warner Highlights Herbst 1992". Information needed.


Japan VHS [WEA WMV5-7028]
The first Japanese video comes in a black hardshell case with display window in which is found the artwork insert. This insert features the same front, spine and back artwork as the UK/Europe video, without the 'PG' certification triangle on all three surfaces, without the white German logo/box on the back, with a corrected catalogue number on the spine and back, and with slightly different credits on the back. A sheet featuring lyrics in Japanese and English is included inside. Its dimensions are slightly smaller than 12" by 12". It appears to be the same insert found in the laserdisc described below, but it was folded in six to fit the case. The videocassette looks very much like its UK/Europe counterpart, black sticker labels with white text on top and spine, but the flap protecting the tape is tan brown instead of black.

Japan VHS [1997 reissue on WEA WPVR-77]
This is a reissue of the above item, still in a black hardshell case, but quite a few changes were made to the packaging. The video was given a new catalogue number, so every instance of it on the packaging and the videocassette was corrected. The most surprising alteration is the front artwork. Although it is exactly the same, it was rotated by 180 degrees which means that the bottom of the image instead of its top is now adjacent to the spine. The spine is a bit more colourful and cluttered, as the title in Japanese was added in parallel to the English title, a red "¥2,660" stripe and the compilation's duration were added at the bottom, yellow squares added at the top, etc. The label-related information at the bottom on the back was slightly changed. Besides the change of catalogue number, the black labels on the top and spine of the videocassette are basically the same. The text on the tan flap protecting the tape is white instead of black. The folded black and white insert folded inside remains the same.

Japan laserdisc [WEA LD: WML5-7028]
Japan is the only country to have released "The Complete Picture" on laserdisc. The front features the complete biker couple artwork (including same text layout) from the VHS format over a black background (view left). The back artwork was adapted from the video format. It still shows at the top a blurry pink close-up of the background people from the front artwork, with track listing printed over. The black bottom portion includes credits, copyright warnings and technical info (view left). The obi is pink with black text. There is only Japanese text and a barcode on its back. The laserdisc labels are black with white text. They show a Warner Music Vision logo at the top; band name, title and label credits at the bottom; a laserdisc logo and Japanese text on the left; side number, catalogue number and credit on the right. A 12" by 12" paper insert, which presumably features track listing, lyrics and/or bio, is found inside. The laserdisc is slipped inside a clear anti-static round-bottom inner sleeve.

Japan laserdisc [1997 reissue on WEA WPLR-77]
This appears to be identical to the original 1992 edition except for the obi and the corrected catalogue number on the labels and back of the sleeve (confirmation needed). The obi is green with white and black text and is usually wrapped around the top of the sleeve (above the image) instead of around its left side.

Japan DVD [2000 WEA WPBR-90017]
The Japanese DVD front artwork is just like that of its European counterpart, including DVD logo in the bottom right corner, but without the 'PG' certification triangle in the bottom left corner. It appears that this original edition does not come with an obi. Some copies have a green oval-shaped sticker on the front with release information and catalogue number. Others have a red rectangular sticker giving the same information plus a bit more. The back was modelled after the back of the European DVD edition (particularly the original European edition in soft case), but there are additional Japanese credits and the logos are all found at the right next to the barcode. Information about the rest of the packaging is needed.

Japan DVD [2001 reissue on WEA WPBR-90120]
The front artwork was not changed for this reissue. Unlike the original edition described above, this one comes with a yellow, blue and red obi. Information about the rest of the packaging is needed.

Japan DVD [2002 reissue on WEA WPBR-90205]
Information needed.

Japan DVD [2004 reissue on WEA WPBR-90323]
Information needed.


Japan laserdisc promo [1997 reissue on WEA WPLR-77]
The promotional edition of the 1997 re-release on laserdisc is promo-marked on the 'label' and has a promo sticker on the back of the sleeve (confirmation needed).

Japan DVD promo [2000 WEA WPBR-90017]
The promo version of this item has a white and red promo sticker over the barcode on the back and is promo-stamped on the DVD's inner rim.


Switzerland VHS promo
This is a promo compilation of Smiths videos, many of which not found on "The Complete Picture". Information needed.

Switzerland VHS promo [East/West 14081 / MON067]
This East/West compilation titled "Montreux Reel" features material from "The Complete Picture" plus videos not included in the compilation, such as "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish", "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side", "Ask" (live) and "Shoplifters Of The World Unite". Additional information needed.

Switzerland VHS electronic press kit
This promo video includes a 17-minute electronic press kit. Information needed.


USA VHS [Warner/Reprise 3-38330]
The American VHS edition is slipped inside a card slipcase which opens from the bottom and features Morrissey-designed artwork (view left). The front show a variation on the artwork used for the "Best...I" compilation. The back shows a yellow tinted variation on the artwork used for "Best...II", with track listing, credits and many logos printed over in dark blue. The sides and top are the same yellow as the back, with dark blue release information. The videocassette has a glossy black label on its top side with band name, track listing, catalogue number, credits and various logos. It is very similar in layout to its UK/Europe counterpart

USA VCD [Warner/Reprise 38330-2]
This item is a bit of a mystery. Its release date is unknown but it is expected to pre-date the DVD format. It features variations on the usual artwork on its front and back (view left). The insert unfolds into six panels including front and back. Besides a black and white page of credits, it contains material taken from the booklet of the "Strangeways Here We Come" album: a colour reproduction of the latter album's artwork without text, the lyrics to "Girlfriend In A Coma" and a black and white photo of Johnny Marr leaning over a recording studio chair, cigarette in hand, looking exhausted. The VCD is silver with yellow text printed over its surface. This text is minimal: band name and title, catalogue number, a few logos and legal info around the edge.

USA DVD [Warner/Reprise 38330-2]
The American DVD is distributed in a DVD digipack which snaps shut. The front and back artwork were adapted from the original video artwork (view left). The spine is the same yellow as the back, with blue text and logos. The reverse of the front panel is solid blue and has "The Smiths", "The Complete Picture" and credits printed in yellow. The dvd surface is translucent. Logos and credits are printed at the top in black, while the band name, title and dvd logo are found at the bottom in plain silver (untreated) finish.


USA VHS advance
This release was promoted with an advance videocassette slipped inside a plain black card slipcase which was die-cut to expose the label. This label is white with printed black release information (band name, title, length, label). The length is given as 47:37, which is slightly shorter than the length of the stock video (appr. 50 minutes).

USA VHS promo [Warner 071086]
This videocassette featuring the videos of "How Soon Is Now?" and "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" is assumed to have served as a promo for "The Complete Picture" but it may have been put together in 1985.


USA DVD test pressing [Warner/Reprise 38330-2]
Test pressings of the DVD format have made it into the hands of a few lucky collectors. The disc has a white surface with blue text: dvd logo at the top, Warner Advanced Media Operations logo on the left, "Test Sample" on the right and a box at the bottom in which was affixed a white sticker stating "The Smiths / VER 2 A/SIDE / REGION 1". The dvd is circulated in plain jewel case with white plastic tray and no front insert.

USA proof of VHS box
This printer's proof shows the complete artwork of the card slipcase in which the American VHS was sold. The artwork is shown unfolded, which means that the front, back and 2 sides are all displayed side-by-side, with the top flap sticking out from above the front part of the artwork.