"Certain People I Know"
collectors appendix


UK 7" [HMV POP1631]
Front | Back | A side label | B side label
The UK 7" comes in a rigid glossy sleeve opening from the side, with a semi-circle cut-out portion on the back for better grip on the record. Click the menu links above to view images of the front and back covers, and labels.
POP 1631 A' / POP1631 B'

UK 12" [HMV 12POP1631]
Front | Back | Inner sleeve - side 1 | Inner sleeve - side 2 | A side label | B side label
The front artwork of the 12" format is very slightly different to that of the 7", in the position of the text and relative size of the His Master's Voice logo in the bottom left corner (see above). The back of the sleeve shows the same image as the back of the 7", with more or less the same elements around it, but these elements (the barcode, credits, logos, etc) vary in size and position (view above). Special attention was given by Morrissey to the design of this specific format, as the record comes in a specially designed picture inner sleeve featuring artwork not found on any of the other formats. This inner sleeve is made of thin card and features on both sides an olive green tinted live shot of Morrissey and Gary Day (view above). One side is indented for better grip on the record and has the lyrics to the title track printed on the left of the image, with the catalogue number and an EMI copyright in the bottom left corner. The other side has the lyrics to the two b-sides printed on the left.
12POP1361-A-01-01-1 / 12POP1361-B-01-01-1

Front | Back | Disc | Spine
The cd-single comes in a thin jewelcase. This format's J-card insert shows a bit more of the front image than on the front of the other formats (view above). The insert's reverse was adapted from the 7" and 12" back artwork, but there is no barcode or EMI copyright and the layout of the remaining text and the His Master's Voice logo was somewhat changed (view above).

Front | Inner panel | Spine & flap | Tape
The usual front image was cropped differently for the cassingle and it ends up showing a bit more of Morrissey than the other formats. It is also the only format to show the title on the front (view above). The insert has one extra fold-out panel. It is the same green as the spine and back and features the track listing at the top and eleven lines of credits in black fine print in the bottom half (view above). The cassette is made of black plastic with pale grey text printed directly onto it, and plays the same tracklisting both sides.


UK 7" promo [HMV POPDJ1631]
Front | Back
To parallel the similarity between the title track of this single and T. Rex's "Ride A White Swan", this promo 7" was designed to echo the singles released by T. Rex on EMI, more specifically the variation with blue and red record bag and labels. View one T. Rex original here and Morrissey's imitation in the menu above. The only difference with the originals is in the thickness of the bag, as the Morrissey imitation is slightly thicker than the T. Rex originals.
POP1631 A1 / POP1631 B1

UK CD5 promo [HMV CDPOP1631]
Stock compact discs have been seen on the collectors market with a promo sticker on the plastic case. It is not known whether or not these are officially sanctioned by the record label.

UK promo video [In Phase 071-401 2755]
The release of "Certain People I Know" was also promoted with the help of this one-track In Phase promo video. The videocassette has generic white In Phase labels on top and spine, with green In Phase logo and Morrissey's name and "Certain People I Know" printed in black. The cassette comes in a generic card slipcase.
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UK promo poster 51cm x 34cm (20" x 13")
The poster looks very much like the advert shown below but it is in glossy colour. Also, the position of Morrissey's name on the right is slightly different and the text mentioning the b-sides takes two lines instead of one.
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UK promo poster 152cm x 91.5cm [60" x 36"]
View here. The main purpose of this subway-size promotional poster is to advertise the British dates of the Your Arsenal tour, but the upcoming release of the "Certain People I Know" single is also announced in red at the bottom of it.

UK promo advert 40cm x 30cm [16" x 12"]
View here.


UK 7" test pressing [HMV POP1631]
The existence of a test pressing for the 7" format has been reported. Information needed.

UK reference cassette [Abbey Road]
An Abbey Road in-house reference cassette featuring an alternate, presumably early take of b-side "You've Had Her" has been spotted on the collectors market. Information needed.

UK reference cd-r [??]
The existence of a 3-track in-house reference cd-r featuring b-side "You've Had Her" as well as live versions of "(I'm) The End Of The Family Line" and "Cosmic Dancer" has been reported. Information needed. This may not actually be related to the "Certain People I Know" single but to some other abandoned project.

UK 12" colour proof - rejected
A proof sheet of an early version of the UK 12" single artwork has made it into the hands of collectors. It shows the full unfolded front and back artwork with colour reproduction bar at the top. The early artwork differs from the final one by a number of details. The Morrissey image on the front is the same as the definitive one, but it was given a yellow hue. Morrissey's name is in the same font and position, but it is in the colours of the Union Jack instead of black. The His Master's Voice logo in the bottom left corner is yellow. The back and spine have the same yellow background as the front but the text and photos appear to be identical to their counterparts in the definitive artwork.


Australia CD5 [EMI Australia 880365-2]
Front | Back | Inner | Disc
The Australian cd-single differs from its UK and Europe counterparts not only in the track listing, but also in its Digipak packaging with black plastic tray. The front still shows the usual cd-single crop of the usual image, without the His Master's Voice logo in the bottom left corner, and with an additional green stripe along the right edge (view above). Many copies have a large white round sticker on the front giving a RRP of $6.95 and stating that this item is a "Collectors Special Limited Edition Digi-Pak". The spine is usually the same shade of green, but on some copies that were exposed to light for an extended period of time it may have discoloured to a pale grey. It states Morrissey's name, the title and the catalogue number. To reflect the "mini-best-of" track listing, the inner side of the front panel shows the covers of the albums "Bona Drag", "Kill Uncle", "Your Arsenal" and "Viva Hate" over a green background with only the words "Other Albums Available" at the top.

Australia CSS [EMI Australasia 880317-4]
Front | Back | Spine | Tape
The Australian cassette-single was sold inside a card slipcase open at the top and bottom, and features on its front the same artwork as the UK cassingle. The tracklisting repeats on both sides of the cassette.


Germany press sheet
The release of this single was promoted in Germany with stock copies of the UK cd-single paired with a German 'Compact Info' press release. This press release is just slightly larger than the cd case so it can be fitted inside with a bit sticking out.
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Holland CD5 [EMI 880317-2]
The Holland cd-single is just like its UK counterpart with only a few alterations made to the insert's back flap and to the disc surface. The front, spine and reverse of the insert are the same as in the UK. "Manufactured In The UK" in the barcode box on the back was replaced with "Printed In Holland". The disc is also dark blue with silver text, but "Made in Great Britain" was deleted from the bottom of it, "BIEM/MCPS" was replaced with "BIEM/STEMRA", the label code was changed and "Made In Holland" added beneath it.
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