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USA CD5 [Sire/Reprise 9 40184-2]
View front and back of this USA-only release from the menu on the left. The spines are in the same colours as the back. The text on both of them is "Morrissey At KROQ", between the catalogue number and "Sire/Reprise". The reverse of the square insert is white with black text: "Morrissey At KROQ", the track listing, songwriting and publishing credits. The disc is silver (uncoloured) with black text: "Morrissey At KROQ" at the top, a block of Sire/Warner Bros credits on the left, track listing and "BMI/ASCAP" on the right, Sire, Reprise and compact disc logos as well as catalogue number and "Made In USA" at the bottom. There's a black stripe around the edge.

USA CD promo "Kick My Ass" [Warner Bros PRO-CD-4994]
This release was promoted with the inclusion of the KROQ session of "Sing Your Life" on a various artists radio sampler put together by Warner Bros, titled "Kick My Ass". The front artwork shows an old man bent forward, lifting the tail of his jacket, waiting to have his "ass kicked". "Kick My Ass" is written over the image in large blue letter, and "Sampler" inside a yellow stripe on the right. The back shows the track listing including credits printed over superimposed drawings of kicking horses, one grey and one yellow. The insert opens for track listing including credits as well as logos of Warner Bros and its participating subsidiaries. The back of it features a text titled "Art Imitates Lou Or Will The Real Artie Fufkin Please Stand Up?". The cd is silver with black text: title at the top, track listing split left and right, logos of Warner Bros and subsidiaries at the bottom.