"Ask" [1995 re-release]
collectors appendix


Germany/Europe CD5 - limited edition [WEA YZ0004CDX / 99383-2]
The limited cd-single comes in a standard jewel case. The front artwork is a slight variation on the original 1986 artwork (view left). Because this edition is limited and numbered, there is a white box in the top left corner with the run number stamped into it. The back is also modelled on the original 1986 edition, but it has Warner/WEA catalogue numbers and logo in the top right corner next to a barcode, and Warner Music UK credits at the bottom (view left). The 'booklet' is actually just a folded insert. When opened, it shows on the left side an uncropped version of the Yootha Joyce image from the back artwork (view 'inside' from left menu), and text on the right side: "Ask", a portion of the lyrics, personnel and credits. The back of the insert is all beige with only the catalog number in blue near the bottom. The cd surface is beige with blue text: band name and title at the top; various logos at the left; catalogue numbers at the right; track listing and copyright info at the bottom.

Germany/Europe CD5 [WEA YZ0004CD / 99383-2]
The non-limited cd-single comes in a slimline jewel case instead of a standard one. The usual artwork was adapted for this format's slightly wider dimensions (view front and back from the menu on the left). This version is not limited so there is no number box on the front. The very cluttered back features a barcode, the track listing, the label credits and a WEA logo. The reverse of the j-card insert shows the usual back artwork, with a different photo of cover star Yootha Joyce and the complete personnel and production credits. The cd surface is almost identical to that of the limited cd. It differs only in the catalogue number, the presence of the additional line "Made in Germany" on the right and extra credits around the edge.

UK 7" [WEA YZ0004 / 99382-7]
The 7" format is the only one to feature the exact original 1986 artwork on the front (view left). The back was adapted from the original back artwork but the text appears in a much smaller font and the barcode was moved to the top right corner (view left). The sleeve is thick and rigid. The labels are beige with blue text and a big barcode at the top.

UK cassette [WEA YZ0004C / 99382-4]
The cassette artwork was completely redesigned for this new edition. The front image now appears sideways (view left). The spine is beige with band name and title in red, and catalogue number and WEA logo in blue. The back is beige, it features a barcode, the track listing in red, the label credits in blue and a WEA logo also in blue. The insert unfolds once for an extra panel featuring the Yootha Joyce image from the other formats' back artwork, next to "Ask", a portion of the lyrics, personnel and credits. Two different variations of the cassette have been reported:

  • black plastic cassette
    The cassette is made of black plastic with light grey text. Text layout information needed. The back of the cassette case is made of black plastic.
  • clear plastic cassette
    The cassette is made of clear plastic with light grey text. The name of the band appears at the top; the WEA logo, the catalogue number and some label credits at the left; the side number at the right; legal credits at the bottom. The back of the cassette case is made of clear plastic.


UK/Germany/Europe CD5 promo [WEA YZ0004CD / 99383-2]
This edition of "Ask" was promoted with copies of the cd-single with date-stamped plugger sticker on the front of the case. The packaging is actually a strange mix of the two different cds described above. The case is a thin jewel case. The insert is the usual one fitting the thin jewel case, without the "Made In Germany" line at the back. The compact disc inside however is the one sold in the limited edition packaging.

UK promo video [WEA]
The original Jarman video for "Ask" was sent to relevent media on a one-track promo VHS video cassette. This video cassette has a white sticker on its side with blue WEA Records logo and "The Smiths" and "Ask" printed onto it. It is circulated in a generic video slipcase.


UK in-house cassette [WEA YZ0004C / 99382-4]
This in-house reference cassette features the same three tracks as the cd-single format. The insert is a generic white Tape-To-Tape one. It is not dated. It has the track listing printed on the front with a list of the formats on which each song is found. The band name and title are printed at the top and on the spine. A shiny silver WEA logo is found on the spine and on the front. The cassette itself is a "Chrome Super II" one (looking like a home usage cassette) with a "The Smiths 'Ask' (3 tracks)" label at the top.