"Alma Matters"
July/August 1997


Alma Matters
Heir Apparent

UK 7" [Island IS667]
UK CSS [Island CIS667]
Germany CD5 [Mercury 574756-2]


Alma Matters
Heir Apparent
I Can Have Both

UK CD5 [Island CID667]
UK 12" [Island 12IS667]
Australia CD5 [Mercury 574757-2]
Germany CD5 [Mercury 574757-2]
USA CD5 [Mercury 574757-2]


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Derick Ion.


Additional release date information:
UK 7", cassingle and cd: 21 July 1997
UK 12": 28 July 1997
USA: 5 August 1997


Chart peak information:
UK: 16
Sweden: 50
USA: 109


UK: A one-track cd was sent to radio in the UK to promote this single and the upcoming "Maladjusted" album (Island, CIDDJ667, artwork in left section). Some copies of the latter have release date and artist information stickers on them. Stock copies of the album were also used for promotion with the same stickers on them. "Alma Matters" was included on a various artists radio sampler cd titled "Unique Two". A one-track VHS video in PAL format was also distributed in the UK for promotion of this single (view left). What's special about this item is that it has artwork based on the single's artwork, something that is very unusual for promotional Morrissey videos. An earlier promotional video featuring a one-minute excerpt was distributed to build anticipation for Morrissey's new single. The video for "Alma Matters" was also included on a various artists promo compilation titled "Mercury PGD Alternative video compilation promo sept/oct 97".

Germany: A one-track promo cd (574750-2) was produced for promotion, often distributed with a German 'fact sheet'. A one-track promo video numbered US-032-97-0042-0 was also used for promotion of "Alma Matters" in Germany.

Israel: The German edition of the cd was sold in Israel, so promo copies in the latter country have hebrew promo stickers on the front and back.

USA: A one-track cd (MECP274, artwork in left frame) and a one-track video (no catalogue number) of the title track were the main promotional tools in the USA. Gold-stamped copies of the stock cd-single have also been spotted, but these were presumably meant for retail and are found in more limited numbers. "Alma Matters" was also included on four various artists promo samplers from Mercury: "The Album Network's Virtually Alternative 82" from July 1997, "Modern Rock Tracks" in August and "Mercury Motel". The video for the song was included on a Polygram various artists promo compilation titled "Alternative Video comp sept/oct. 1997" (VP97-114).