The New York Dolls
by Morrissey


published by Babylon Books, 1981 and 1995
ISBN: none (original edition)
ISBN: 0-907188-50-8 (1995 reissue)

This 24-page A4 booklet is more like a fanzine than a book. The first eleven pages only are by Morrissey. The rest is photocopies of articles having appeared here and there. References are made throughout the book to Morrissey icons such as Oscar Wilde, Candy Darling or Paul Morrissey. The book is dedicated to Morrissey friend James Maker.

The 1995 reprint also includes an essay titled "Teenage Fascination: Stephen Patrick Morrissey and the New York Dolls" as well as a chronology and discography. It is limited to 500 copies and comes with a certificate numbered and signed by John Muir who is the proprietor of Babylon Books.