The Encyclopedia Of Morrissey And The Smiths
by Simon Goddard


UK edition
Published by Ebury Press/Random House in July 2009
ISBN: 978-0091927097
Lavish, hardback encyclopedic A-Z. Every song, album, collaborator and major cultural influence. Over 700 entries across 500 plus pages featuring new interviews and 32 pages of photographs. By the author of the essential The Smiths - Songs That Saved Your Life.

USA edition
Published by Plume in September 2010
ISBN: 0452296676 / 978-0452296671
American edition. Features an additional entry for the "Swords" album and extra information about the song "Roy's Keen" not in the original UK edition.

UK paperback edition
Published by Ebury Press in September 2012
ISBN: 9780091927103
This is mostly the same as the 2010 American edition, with redesigned front artwork and a few minor corrections.

Brazil edition
Published by Leya in November 2013
ISBN: 9788580447446