Unofficial publications


The Smiths
by Gino Lacobelli
Published in 1987 by Arcanae Editrice
This is some sort of precursor to the two following books in this list. It includes all Smiths lyrics from "Hand In Glove" to "Shoplifters..." in English and Italian.

The Smiths
Published in early 1988 by Arcanae Editrice
Italian biography, discography, and lyrics in Italian and English, up to "Strangeways Here We Come". 212 pages, 8" x 5".

Morrissey And The Smiths
Published in September 1988 by Arcanae Editrice
ISBN: 88-85859-02-X
This one includes a biography of the Smiths and the beginning of Morrissey's solo career, a discography and many photos. 96 pages, 12"x9".

The Smiths 1982-1987
by Bruna Zarini
published by Stampa Alternativa in Italy, 1990
ISBN: 87-7226-075-2
Mostly Smiths song lyrics in italian, with a discography, short history and a few quotes from Morrissey. This book came with a 3" cd featuring four tracks recorded live in Amsterdam (see 21 April 1984 in the gigography).

The Smiths
published by Stampa Alternativa, Italy, 1988.
This book features English and Italian lyrics, and a discography up to 1988 (so up to "Strangeways Here We Come" and "Viva Hate"). Sized 8" square. 108 p. Also worth noting is that the book comes with 8 postcards depicting various 1984-1985 singles and LP sleeves.

Those Charming Men
put together by Crocodile Records.
Two books of photocopies of articles, interviews, newsbriefs, charts having appeared in various magazines and newspapers from 1983 to 1987. Part One covers 1983 to 1985 while part two includes some stuff from part one, and more stuff up to 1987.

Smiths And Legends
put together by Mark Taylor.
This is a book collecting articles and interviews. It was put together by one of the two people behind the Smiths Indeed fanzine.

The Smiths Life And Songs
Greek Smiths biography with articles by Greek journalists Michalis Makris and Dimitris Rokitis. Also includes lyrics in English and Greek and black and white photographs of the band and Morrissey. Total 136 p. Published in 1990.

Spanish paperback of Smiths and Morrissey lyrics in Spanish and English, up to and including 1991 ("Kill Uncle"). Total 171 p. Published in 1992.

His Arsenal
This scrapbook documents Morrissey's 1992 UK/US tour. It came with the fanzine of the same name. It includes 42 black and white photographs, magazine articles mainly from the 1992 US tour, advertisements, reviews, tickets, set lists, and full page magazine covers. It also comes with two postcards.

His Arsenal 2
This is a second volume in the same vein as the above. It features mainly magazine articles and reviews from the 1992 UK tour.

Book of photocopies of articles, interviews, newsbriefs, etc. having appeared in various magazines and newspapers during Morrissey's solo years, up to March of 1993.

Morrissey Life And Music
Greek Morrissey biography with translations of articles which have previously appeared in english language magazines. Also includes lyrics in English and Greek and black and white photographs. Total 136 p. Published in 1994.

Extraordinary Ordinariness
Italian 62-page softback cd-sized book with history, discography and a feature on the 1997 trial. In English and Italian. Came with a cd featuring inferior quality studio versions of "This Charming Man", "Jeane" and "Accept Yourself".

Published by Rockin On magazine in 1994
Japanese mail-order only picture book includes discography, interviews, lyrics in japanese and english and great black and white photos. Comes with 6 colour prints and two sheets of stickers of the band's name in the various fonts used on their albums. Limited to 500 copies. 141 pages. 8" x 11".

In Pictures
by Jemma Wheeler
Vinyl Experience Ltd., London, 1995
48 pages of photos of Morrissey in the Smiths and solo. UK discography. Size 11.5" x 11.5".

The Smiths Morrissey And Marr
Published in 1997 by Burn! in Japan
Includes an illustrated discography and song guide. 190 pages, A5 format. This might be a Japanese version of Rogan's "The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Smiths, Morrissey and Marr".

The Smiths
Published in Turkey by Stüdyo Imge in 1996
In addition to lyrics in English and Turkish, the book also features photos of the band, a reasonably lengthy biography in Turkish, along with what appears to be a Turkish translation of a short Morrissey interview, reviews of each album, and a page of Smiths trivia facts. Dimensions are 11.5cm x 16cm.